About Cell Therapy

Tissue Regeneration through
Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is the branch of regenerative medicine that involves introducing healthy cells into a diseased tissue to trigger the body’s ability to heal itself.
Cells are the basic unit of life and have the ability to build every tissue in the human body, hence have great potential for future therapeutic uses in tissue regeneration and repair.
Cell therapies can be used as a natural way to repair other damaged areas of the body
Some cells like those of the liver or the surface of the intestines are capable of reconstituting the tissues when they are destroyed. To reconstitute these damaged organs and tissues, scientists are trying to use cells as therapy.

Which cells are used
for therapy?

Adult cells which are already given a special function like blood cells , white blood cells , platelets are used for cell therapy.

Two types of Cell therapy

  • • Allogeneic (cells from a donor) or
  • • Autologous (cells from one’s own body)

Process OF cell THERAPY