Know your cartilage

Flexible connective tissue
Found in many parts like knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist
It acts as a shock absorber
Helps the bones to glide easily for movement

Why does your cartilage get damaged?

  • • Excessive activity of joints
  • • Genetic inheritance
  • • Injury, accidents or trauma
  • • Sports injury
  • • Ageing
  • • Obesity and sedentary lifestyle

What are the symptoms of cartilage damage?

Joint pain
Swelling of the joints
Stiffness of the joints
Clicking sensation in the joints
Joint locking
Joint catching

Why does cartilage damage need to be repaired?


Cartilage does not repair on its own due to lack of blood supply


Damage causes pain during daily activities like walking, bending, stretching, playing.


Untreated damage prevents the smooth gliding of bones and causes them to rub against each other


This causes severe pain, inflammation and immobility eventually leading to Osteoarthritis

Therapy For Naturally Repairing
Cartilage Damage



CARTIGROW Autologous Cartilage Cell Therapy, is a patient specific regenerative medical treatment which regrows natural original cartilage in the area of cartilage damage providing lost mobility and function for everyday life.

Applications for Cartilage Cell Therapy – CARTIGROW

Early stage cartilage damage

Cracks in cartilage of joints due to loss of blood supply

Early Osteoarthritis

Cartilage damage affecting almost half of the joint

Advantages of CARTIGROW
Total Cartilage Healing


1ST ever painless and minimally invasive cartilage cell therapy in the India.

Treats cartilage damage at various joints.

Treats Damage in the knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, elbow, wrist

Restores mobility.

Allowing patients to perform daily activities

Improves overall quality of life.

It is a permanent, easy and natural solution with no metal or foreign material in body

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