Know your bones

Bone is a living organ surviving on its own
blood vessels.
Some bones are hollow – the inside of a bone is filled with bone marrow
Oxygen is carried around our bodies by red blood cells, which are made by the bone marrow.
They allow body parts to move and protect organs from impactful damage

Why does your bone get damaged?

  • • Lack of calcium or Vitamin D
  • • Not enough exercise
  • • Excessive smoking, alcohol and carbonated beverages
  • • Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia
  • • Chemotherapy
  • • Certain medications including steroids
  • • Ageing

symptoms of bone damage

Decreased grip
Bone aches
and pain
Weak & brittle
Cramps, muscle
aches, and stiffness
Low overall
Intense pain especially during seasonal changes

Why does bone damage
need to be repaired?


Bone density and strength change over the course of life and decreases with age


Temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to bones cause bone to collapse and die


Complete loss of bone leads to life threatening diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis


Total joint replacement is the only treatment option if damage is left untreated

Therapy for naturally
repairing bone damage



OSSGROW Autologous bone cell therapy, is a patient specific natural and biological regenerative medical treatment that allows the formation of new bone in the area of bone loss naturally providing restored mobility without any side effects.

Applications for Bone cell Therapy – OSSGROW

Avascular necrosis of hip joint

An interruption of blood supply to the bone causing it to collapse and die.

Non healing fractures

Condition in which there is no healing in the fracture repair process.

Bone defects of oral cavity and maxillofacial region:-

Loss of bone at defect site caused due to injury/accidents or tumours.

Advantages of OSSGROW
Total bone healing

OSSGROW regenerates three dimensional new bone at the damaged site in the joint

1ST ever Painless bone
cell therapy in the world

Relieves pain as early as the first month of treatment

Range of motion

Stop progression of the disease

No advancement to
severe bone diseases

Early intervention prevents towards osteoarthritis


Patients resume to normal life at the earliest

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