Mrs. Mery George, Mumbai

Mrs. Mery George, Mumbai

Mrs. Akalpita Paranjpe

Mrs. Akalpita Paranjpe

Mr Anil Rastogi, Avascular necrosis of ankle, Bangalore. Age- 40 . Profession – Executive Director, SVK Printers Pvt Ltd.

At 40, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of talus bone. I was treated Using OSSGROW® and my doctor assured me that I do not have to suffer anymore now. Now, 3 years after the therapy, I have no pain in ankle. I have regained mobility and leg strength. I can walk and jog. Today I am so happy as therapy was successful beyond my hopes and I can perform all the activities without any pain or anybody's support.

I am feeling 100% better and is free to do any activity I want to do. Regenerative therapy has given me a new life.

Mrs Suchita Kandahar , Non union fracture in leg, Indore . Age – 45 , Profession – Insurance Agent

I suffered a fracture due to fall at home and broke lower one third of my right fibula-tibia (leg) bones. 3 months after the regular treatment fracture did not heal. After going for OSSGROW® Therapy on my doctor’s suggestion , MRI reports revealed that fracture was united. Following strict rehabilitation guidelines, my condition got better with time. I was able to walk in 4 months. Now I am able to function like a normal human being and have successfully landed a job which had previously gone due to my condition.

"OSSGROW® Therapy is definitely a boon to patients like me"

Anmol Shetty, - Bone defect in right leg, Mumbai. Age- 20 . Profession – Cricket player

I am a young Ranji cricket player and suffered a stress fracture in right tibia. Throughout I experienced severe pain, tingling, and balance issues. Symptoms used to worsen at night or whenever my feet were elevated.

I had to stop playing. I underwent OSSGROW® therapy. My fracture healed in 3 months post implantation. Within 5 months I again started practicing cricket. Today, I am about to join Ranji team very soon and fulfill my dream of being a successful cricketer.